Mitch (In front of is favorite piece of work), Midland, Texas, 2015

In my project, "The Only Millionaire", I attempt to explore the relationship between my aging father and the his reality. His nature as a polio survivor, alcoholic, and gambling Texas oil man, led to unpredictability and long absences in my life, such as his eight year stint in in Mexico to avoid the law. Taking photographs at this stage in our relationship has created an armature to build an understanding of one another.

Mitch has a way of leaving an indelible mark on the places he inhabits, often, without permission; from pouring concrete tables inside rented Acapulco bungalows to decorating someone else's Texas border motel with his original and difficult-to-move laser cut stone. His legacies are abundant, challenging, and ultimately overlooked by those just passing by.

I've witnessed his unorthodox lifestyle, translated his stories, and collected ephemera sent by mail as proof of his bizarre conquests. This collection of photographs begins to tell the story of my father's "works-in-progress" and reflects on his own enigmatic existence. He currently resides in Langrty, Texas on the border of Mexico. This town, population 11, was made famous by the legendary Judge Roy Bean, The Law West of the Pecos, who is my father's personal hero. Mitch can often be found riding his golf cart down the highway 67.

Anchored (Modifications), Midland, Texas, 2015

shelby orr photography, shelby orr,

Polio did this, 2015

Shelby Orr Photography

Business calls, Midland, Texas, 2015

Something good on, Midland, TX, 2016

You come up sometimes (Broken Digital Frame)Midland, Texas, 2015

Bedside, Midland, TX, 2015

Shelby Orr Photography
Buried, 2015
Tough people, 2015

Take this (you never know when you might need it), Midland, TX, 2016

Shelby Orr Photography

Wild bird foodMidland, Texas, 2015

Shelby Orr Photography
Deena's Pigeon Farm, Midland, Texas, 2015
Shelby Orr Photography

Fine Work (BBQ Pit Welded to Trailer)Midland, Texas, 2015

Truck Bed (More Modifications), Midland, TX, 2015

Not going anywhere, Midland, TX, 2015

Still Here (Artist's Handprint), Midland, TX, 2015

Shelby Orr Photography
Modern Luxury, 2015
shelby orr, shelby orr photography
Crippled Cowboy (Mercado Scene), 2015

Chair, Outside CC Stone, Langtry, Texas, 2016

MotelLangtry, Texas, 2016

For Sale (For Lease), Langrty, Texas, 2016

Present Company,  2016

Thou Shalt Not, 2016

Patty's PlaceLangtry, Texas, 2016

Business Solutions, 2016

Planning for the future, Langtry, 2016

Rider no. 2 (Family Heirloom), 2016

Rider no. 1 (Between trays), 2016

Frank Polk's Bronze (Before Heather Cleaned), 2016

Story Telling, 2016

Patty's Office, Langtry, TX, 2016

Grandfather's Hat/Grandmother's Mirror, Langtry, TX, 2016

Merchandise, Langtry, TX, 2016

Fire Starter, Langtry, TX, 2016

Woodpile, Langtry, TX, 2016

Judge Roy Bean Museum (Smith &Wesson Display), Langtry, TX, 2016

Golf Cart Driving/Did you see these wounds?, Off Highway 90, 2016 

Law West of the Pecos, Langrty, TX, 2016

Solutions, Langtry, TX, 2016

Rest Area, Langtry, TX, 2016

Discarded (Sock), Langtry Motel, Langtry, TX, 2016

Pit BBQ, Langtry, TX, 2016

Motel Barrel, Langtry, TX, 2016

If Left Untreated, Langtry, TX, 2016

Something to look at, Langtry, TX, 2016

Lookout Point (Mitch in his Golf Cart), Rio Grande, 2016

His Friend David, 2018

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